random bits and pieces i consider
intriguing, hypnotic, seductive, tempting or that otherwise captivate me.

these go beyond want. these are a must have

hell yes i’d wear em


on the roof of the @GSLoft - sistersinister and @amandawhip

awww the web i could weave

stormtrooperfashion: “Gladiator” by Robbie Fimmano for Interview, March 2013

have you ever given much thought to the word glad-i-ate-her? just sayin’

you’d not ask me twice.

oh, oh the places wheel go. {bawhawhaw}

yes, yes, yes!

that’s almost enough pairs of shoes. almost. what? you’re right. who do i think i’m fooling?

theblackcatzon:  syntheticpubes:  by Creative Rehab

i have lotso outfits to wear those stockings with. lotso.

sweater? rings? bracelets? why… you’d make me decide??? {pouty face}

what-id-wear:  (source : Song of Style )

unless it’s, oh say, really sexy underwear. in that case…

or none at all

those shoes belong in my closet.